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To provide inclusive high standard Training, quality research and outreach for industrialization and sustainable development.

University Mission


Welcome to the strategic planning website, where we present Busitema University's vision, mission, and a comprehensive overview of our strategic framework for action. Our planning cycle follows an annual evaluation process, ensuring that goals, targets, and performance indices are constantly reviewed to adapt to the changing operational environment. This allows us to prioritize projects for budget purposes effectively.

At Busitema, we believe in fostering a culture of planning and continuous improvement. We have established planning and review processes in all our academic and administrative units. These processes translate our high-level vision, values, goals, and strategies into focused and specific plans and projects. While each unit may have its own trajectory, together, they collectively address the challenges we face, positioning us for excellence in the next two years.

Recognizing the importance of risk management, we conduct a thorough examination of both internal and external risks and threats. We understand that these challenges may outweigh the opportunities and strengths present. To mitigate these risks, we employ management by objectives and critical path analysis in implementing our work-plans for scheduled activities. This approach allows us to reduce risk and make informed decisions.

Our management team is dedicated to transforming challenges into strengths. We believe in leveraging our internal resources and capabilities to improve performance significantly. Additionally, we actively seek external supplementary funds through aggressive mobilization efforts. By doing so, we can enhance our capabilities and expand our impact.

At Busitema, we are committed to excellence and strive for continuous growth. Through effective strategic planning, risk management, and resource mobilization, we aim to overcome challenges and seize opportunities to create a thriving academic institution. We invite you to explore our strategic plan and join us in shaping the future of Busitema University.