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University Vision

“A centre of academic and professional excellence in science, technology and innovation”. The vision sets out the University’s strategy for rethinking and repositioning itself to meet the demands of teaching and learning; research and knowledge transfer.

University Mission

“To provide inclusive high standard Training, quality research and outreach for industrialization and sustainable development”.

University Motto

In fulfilment of the Vision and Mission, the Motto is “Pursuing Excellence"

Core Values

Respect: Busitema undertakes to promote mutual respect, courtesy, and inclusiveness

Professionalism: At all times we being reliable and predictably consistent, and committed to honor moral, ethical, spiritual and  artistic values and principles

Customer First: Superior customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal

Innovativeness: The University applies solutions that meet new requirements and articulate the market/community needs

Integrity: We treat our customers, our partners and employees with respect they deserve and are accountable for all our actions